Courses Oral Health Awareness





This course is vital not only to the oral health of your clients but their general health too. Poor oral hygiene can cause a number of diseases, such as respiratory infections, cardiovascular disease and diabetic complications. It’s not just about having pearly whites, having your staff know about oral health and how to care properly could save the lives of your clients.


Oral Health Awareness Training Course Outline

The aim of this course is to greater increase your knowledge of oral health within the care sector and its impacts, as well as the relevant legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Effects on general health, well-being and dignity
  • Impact of untreated dental pain and communication difficulties
  • Delivering daily mouth care
  • Reassessing oral health
  • Reporting oral health concerns
  • Responding to needs
  • Denture marking

Oral Health Awareness Training Course Learning Outcomes. On completion of this course, learners should know and understand the following:

  • Understand the importance of oral health and the potential effect on their general health, well-being and dignity
  • Understand the potential impact of untreated dental pain or mouth infection on the behaviour and general health and well-being of people who cannot articulate their pain or distress or ask for help (this includes, for example, residents with dementia or communication difficulties)
  • Know how to deliver daily mouth care
  • Know how and when to reassess oral health
  • Know how and when to report any oral health concerns, and how to respond to a person’s changing needs and circumstances
  • Understand the importance of denture marking and how to arrange this for people, with their permission