Courses Infection Control Awareness




This online infection control training course is perfect for nurses, carers, dentists, and any health care personnel. Having a basic understanding of infection control within the healthcare sector, and more importantly in care homes, can massively reduce the risk of spreading. It is vital to understand the standard precautions for infection control, how an infection spreads and who is at risk in order to reduce the impact of an outbreak. Infection Control training can protect your staff and your service users from the potential presence of pathogens and help control and prevent a pathogen from spreading.

Our Infection Control certificate is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and once the online course has been completed, the certificate will be awarded and can be used to provide evidence for compliance.

Infection Control Awareness Training Course Outline

The aim of this online Infection Control Awareness course is to greater increase your knowledge of infection, how they spread, preventing spread, personal hygiene, and the relevant legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Defining infection control
  • Chain of infection and its effects
  • Types of germs and infection
  • Common infections
  • Infection control and HAI management
  • Hand washing to WHO standard
  • PPE for infection control
  • Preventing spread
  • Role of CQC in regard to infection control

Infection Control Awareness Training Course Learning Outcomes. On completion of this Infection Prevention and Control training course, learners should know and understand the following:

  • Describe what is meant by infection control
  • Understand the chain of infection and how people are infected
  • Describe the types of germs and infection
  • Identify common healthcare-associated infections
  • Understand the need for infection control and HAI management
  • Understand how to wash hands to WHO standard
  • Describe what PPE is available for infection control
  • Understand how you can help prevent infection from spreading
  • Understand the role of CQC in regard to infection control